Pokit Won’t Stop Expanding: Multiple Online Marketplaces Go Live

As the demand for pre-orders increases, our team have been searching for more ways to bring you the Pokit products closer to home. Not only are we offering Pokit products directly from our website, but we have expanded into other online marketplaces.  

At Marker Faire Bay Area ’19, the Pokit team bumped into the friendly folks at Digikey. This was the beginning of an ongoing relationship between us. Digikey is now an official distributor of Pokit Meter and will be for Pokit Pro in the future.  

We are very excited to announce that Pokit has been accepted into Amazon Launchpad! This means Pokit will be more visible on Amazon and we will receive special promotion – which is great for all you people in the US and UK.  

Along with these two, we are also distributing Pokit products through BerryBase, RobotShop, Welectron, SwitchScience, and IFIXIT.  

So many options! We’re very excited about these partnerships and hope to continue spreading Pokit to all corners of the globe.