Pokit Takes on CES 2020

The dust is settling on another CES, full of action and cutting-edge innovation.

This was a huge year for us, as we were able to demonstrate not one, but TWO Pokit Innovations products: the original Pokit Meter and the upcoming Pokit Pro.

We particularly loved seeing people get excited about Pokit Pro – your response has blown us away! It was great meeting some of our existing fans in person and gathering new supporters. The Kickstarter team were also present at CES, and we were glad to receive a “Best of Kickstarter Award” from them.

The Pokit team are also honoured to present at the ‘Inside CES’ event in February. We will have the opportunity to pitch and demo Pokit Pro to a live audience, along with other innovators. Looking forward to bringing you bigger (well, smaller) and better things at CES next year!