Pokit Pro Breaks Kickstarter Record

Pokit PRO is now the highest funded ‘DIY Electronics’ project in Kickstarter history and the fourth highest Aussie campaign of all time! The Pokit team is thrilled with this outcome and ready to get right back into the development of Pokit Pro.   

Here are some more highlights from our Kickstarter Campaign:  

  • Pokit Pro reached its funding goal in the first four minutes  
  • Unlocked all stretch goals: our initial five goals and the bonus four we added later  
  • Raised over 1.1 million (AU) dollars 
  • Over 8000 Pokit Pro pre-orders at the campaign conclusion
  • Launched a follow-up IndieGoGo campaign   

We just want to say – THANK YOU! Pokit Pro’s Kickstarter campaign was a massive success, and that’s all thanks to you. Our amazing backers are the heart and soul of Pokit Innovations, as you push us to think differently and create better products. Keep sharing your ideas with us to have the opportunity to shape Pokit’s future!